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We are Ravenage, a new generation Indie Publisher We are here to help you with your game
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Investment fund
For those who need help finishing the development
Ready-made publishing
We take care of everything so you may stay focused on your game
Full transparency
Every PR beat and every dollar spent are tracked and reported

Ravenage is a publisher

Founded by a team with substantial developer relations experience, Ravenage focuses on building trusting relationships with game creators.

For Ravenage, everything from PR planning to budgeting of a marketing campaign are a subject for discussion with the developer. Decisions are made decisively instead of after weeks of back-and-forth by e-mail.
And here is just some of the marketing stuff we excel at:
  • Marketing Planning
  • Community Management
  • Game PR
  • Media Buying
  • Creative Production
  • Events planning
  • User Acquisition
  • Localization; QA
  • Creator relationships
  • And much more

But also a fund

Ravenage is not just a Publisher. We are also an investment fund ready to back you up.

Here is the difference between a good game and a great game: Money

We are ready to bankroll you if needed. Show us your VS, Beta Version or Early Access and let’s discuss how much money you need to get it right. There is a catch though:

We have to fall in love with your game

There are a lot of people in Ravenage who will be playing your game. Whether or not we invest in the game is a unanimous decision to be made not just by a group of professionals but also by a group of passionate gamers

Our Core Values
We Love Video Games
We don’t care about your Genre and Art Style. We are looking for games that make us lose track of time. We are here to be as passionate about your game as you are
Transparency is the key
No more little secrets and sketchy know-hows. Everything is on the table: from the shortest agreement you ever saw to all the processes, plans, reports, partners and budgets. You have never experienced this before
Lightning Fast Decisions
No, we will not get back to you a month after you contacted us. We will be back in a matter of days. Missed deadlines because of "research", five follow-ups before you get an answer, weeks of "internal discussions"? We don’t do that here
We Cooperate
It’s your game we are talking about. That makes you the most important asset we have. We want to hear your message and share it with the audience. We need you to be a part of our marketing team. Cooperate with us. Keep up

Pitch US

Let’s talk about your game. It’s free!
It’s also useful:
Even if there’s no deal, you’ll get a lot of feedback both from production and marketing standpoints.

And if that’s a deal you’ll get to experience what it’s like to be a part of Ravenage. It’s awesome


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