Who we are
Ravenage is founded by a team with a lot of launched titles in their portfolio united by one trait: substantial developer relations experience

We understand that the decisions have to be clear and lightning fast, so we could build trusting relationships with game creators
Our team
Elena Morina
Founder & CEO
With years of experience both on the production and marketing sides of the game industry, Elena excels in every field related to game development and marketing. But it’s not only a business: Elena is also a passionate gamer so she builds Ravenage with one purpose: to find the best indie games out there and make sure those get a top-notch publishing service while learning about the ways to market their games. Spends real-time years playing survival sandboxes

Anton Bondarev
Anton has more than 10 years of experience in the video games industry, starting off as an online media contributor to a brand manager of award-winning games today. From PR and influencer support for mobile titles such as Hustle Castle to leading the marketing process for Broken Lines and Raji: An Ancient Epic, Anton knows video games marketing inside out. He also spent countless hours playing Civilization series, and competitive FPS

Mike Pyslar
Director of Social Media & Community Relations
Mike developed passion for gaming in 1998 when he launched his brand new Playstation for the first time. Determined to explore this field professionally, he applied as an intern for the community management department and made all the way to the Director of the branch. He’s been a part of the launch of the cable channel about video games, switching to video games and to PC and consoles later. Spends an enormous amount of time in TW series, Diablo and FIFA.

Iliya Revunov
Business Development Officer
Ilya’s career in video games started from a position in Destiny.Games so he has experience working with games of all shapes and sizes: from mobile strategy Gods & Glory, to MMORPG Tera Online. Ilya uses his experience in gaming to scout the most promising games out there and bring them to Ravenage. Loves all kinds of games: from visual novels to competitive shooters, but only feels at home when playing hardcore auto sims

Igor Kabanov
From childhood, Igor was a passionate gamer. Time passed and a teen hobby grew up to be a dream job. He started his career as a customer support specialist for Tera Online and grew up to be a confident release manager and platform relations coordinator for PC and console games. Even though there is not much free time to play games for him, Igor is still making sure to bag at least one Warzone win a week